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Apple Lane Farm

Lancaster Massachusetts, Established 1838


Set atop a hill in rural Lancaster Massachusetts, Apple Lane Farm is known as much for its vivid history as for its tasty apples. Founded on the present site in 1838, the farm has been operated as an orchard for over 100 years. The old barn was originally constructed in 1880. Until 1994, it was owned by Lancaster’s Flint family, who passed the land down through each generation. The last Flint to own the farm passed away in his 70’s and the farm went through other owners before landing in the hands of its current owner, Dayna Gant.

Dayna Gant and husband Michael Bailey.

After a brief hiatus, Apple Lane Farm reopened in 2002. Now, in addition to having the luxury of picking a variety of apples, visitors can gaze out and enjoy the beautiful view of the Northern Worcester County Hills. The Nashua River forms the northern boundary and Route 117 the southern boundary of the farm.