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Our Orchard

Our apple varieties consist mostly of McIntosh and the farm’s hallmark Cortlands, plus several antique varieties. The farm offers red, green, and yellow apples, including 80+ Year Old Gravenstein, Golden Russet, and Smokehouse varieties.

We have many varieties of apples available to pick

Unfortunately the orchard is closed to the public. If you are interested in PYO, private arrangements can be made.
We specialize in hosting young children’s groups, and special needs children.

Our Apple Varieties

jerseymacs Jersey Macs and Paula Red: early season red apples.

golden_deliciousYellow Transparent & Yellow Delicious: early to mid-season yellow apples.

mcintoshMcIntosh: New England’s favorite apple, with reddish skin and white flesh.

cortlandsCortlands: Large, firm and tasty, especially resistant to browning flesh.

gravensteinGravenstein: Yellow with streaks of red, very flavorful, slightly tart.
Mid-season green apples.
All varieties are good for snacks, desserts, salads, pies, sauces, and baking.